What is Asbestos related Lung cancer?

Lung cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer caused by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells which divide rapidly to form tumours. Normally associated to smoking albeit research has proved a link to asbestos dust which has been inhaled over prolonged timescales.

Smoking accounts for 80% of lung cancer cases and it is accepted that smokers who have endured heavy exposure to asbestos dust over prolonged periods are at greater risk of developing lung cancer owing to the toxin combination of tobacco and asbestos.

We understand the emotional and practical issues faced by families and friends when someone is under investigation, suffering from or has passed away from this condition. A member of your experienced helpline team is waiting to talk with you to offer practical help and support.

Shortage of breath or wheezing
Stubborn coughs
Rapid weight loss
Chest, back and shoulder pain
Coughing up blood in phlegm
Frequent infections such as recurring pneumonia or bronchitis

Treatment and survival rates for asbestos related lung cancer is comparable to that of non- asbestos related lung cancer which, as with most cancers, is dependent upon several factors which include the stage of the cancer when first diagnosed, the type of lung cancer and the general health and fitness of the patient. Commonly diagnosed in people aged between 70 – 74 years early diagnosis can improve survival rates as too can the offer of surgery.

What should I do if I have been diagnosed  lung cancer or I am under investigation for this or some other lung disease?

You should remain positive throughout any treatments or investigation and contact us without further delay so we might understand more about your situation which will help us to assess your eligibility to compensation and benefits.

Your solicitors can deal with your enquiry even if you were employed or exposed to asbestos in England, Ireland or Wales

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