Civil Compensation

This is an entitlement of those people, regardless of age and health, who have developed an asbestos illness caused by their exposure to asbestos dust in the workplace. Family members of workers exposed to asbestos and living in the same household might also be eligible to claim compensation if they develop an asbestos illness caused by asbestos dust taken home from a workplace on the clothing or skin of another family member.

Claims are brought against responsible employers and/or occupiers of premises. We are experienced in tracing responsible insurers and have an extensive database of companies we have come across.

Generally speaking claims must be started within three years of your diagnosis or from the time you first learned of your condition. This three year trigger point is often not straightforward to calculate and if you have any doubts please speak with us now. The courts have discretion to disapply time periods for claiming compensation if there are good reasons for delay in bringing a claim. In the case where somebody has passed away the three year period will normally commence on the date of death unless the condition had been diagnosed over three years previous during their lifetime.

Claims are brought against responsible employers and/or occupiers of premises. We are experienced in tracing responsible insurers and have an extensive database of companies we have come across.

Once your claim has been agreed with the other side insurers your solicitor will need to discuss with you the important issue regarding how your compensation award is paid. Whilst most awards are paid in one lump sum known as a ‘full and final settlement award’, depending upon your situation and the condition involved there maybe merit in seeking a ‘provisional damages award’. This will enable you to receive initial compensation with the added comfort of being able to seek further compensation should there be any deterioration in your condition. Our experienced Legal Team will guide you in this regard albeit the final decision will be made by you.

If you have previously received a provisional damage award and have concerns over your present state of health and entitlement to seek further compensation please contact us now. Acceptance of a full and final settlement will prevent any return to court for further compensation (unless this award was made in England or Wales for the condition of pleural plaques).

Interim Payments

Once your claim has been started and liability has been agreed by those responsible, your solicitor can consider requesting an ‘interim payment’ of your damages from the responsible insurers. An interim payment is often sought to help alleviate any ongoing financial hardship and in more serious cases to assist in rehabilitation, care costs and likely accommodation improvements to take account of deteriorating health.

A court can order an interim award. Compensation claims can take time to fully settle and an interim payment can be of enormous benefit to a sufferer which often helps them on their road to recovery. Speak with us now if you feel this could apply to your situation.

In all instances, regardless as to the nature of your condition, your solicitor will deal with your claim in a professional manner and wherever possible will seek the earliest settlement of your claim. Any initial appointment to visit you to prepare your case will be dealt with as quickly as possible by your Legal Team, and in those instances where time is of the essence, perhaps where somebody is very poorly or treatment/surgery is pending, we would aim to be with you the next day or certainly within a few days at a time and place to accommodate your situation.

A dedicated ‘Mesothelioma fast track procedure’ exists for those cases involving mesothelioma which allow solicitors to deal swiftly with your case and in the vast majority of cases seek an early interim payment of £50,000.

Your solicitors can deal with your enquiry even if you were employed or exposed to asbestos in England, Ireland or Wales

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