Claims Calculation

Although no two cases are alike compensation is calculated in accordance with established guidelines which are referred to by Solicitors and the courts to ensure consistency of awards for the various disease claims.

Compensation cannot properly be calculated by means of a generic online claims-calculator, and it is important we know more about your particular situation so your experienced Solicitors can properly assess your situation in order to maximise all aspects of your claim. You have only one opportunity to present your claim in the strongest light so rely on your experienced Legal Team to handle your case.

Compensation claims not only reflect the nature of an asbestos illness and the impact this might have upon one’s life, ie pain and suffering, loss of amenity (referred to as ‘solatium’ which in England is known as ‘general damages’) but must also take account of the financial impact suffering from such an illness can brings which might include loss of earnings past and future, bonuses and pay rises, pension loss, travel expenses, DIY/household services and care costs (referred to as ‘patrimonial losses’ which in England is referred to as ‘special damages’).

An award of compensation could significantly improve the quality of your life by providing financial stability and enable you to meet any high costs associated to your condition and treatment including medication and/or aids, private treatment, nursing costs, care and assistance and any travelling expenses.

Your legal team will also act for the families and representatives who have lost a loved one and are able to bring claim on behalf of the Estate which would further include an award in recognition of the bereavement. Funeral costs can also be recovered.

Compensation for specific asbestos illness will attract a high level award and the illustrations below indicate typical compensation awards for the particular asbestos illnesses;

Mesothelioma (pleural/peritoneal) – £35,000 – £83,750

Lung Cancer – £51,500 – £66,000

Asbestosis – £31,500 – £69,500

Pleural Thickening – £25,250 – £51,500

Pleural Plaques – £8000 – £10,000

As indicated above, further elements of compensation will be taken into account to form that part of a claim known as ‘patrimonial losses’ (or Special Damages in England) which must take account of past and future financial losses including lost earnings, bonuses, pay rises, pension losses, household services and potential care costs.

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