Civil Compensation for Expatriates

Millions of Britains now live abroad enjoying warmer climates and fulfilling their retirement dreams but the sad reality exists that many hundreds will unfortunately suffer ill health as a consequence of their earlier work and contact with asbestos materials.

Asbestos illnesses can develop up to 50 years following exposure to asbestos dust and fibres and are caused by the build up of fibres which become trapped within the lungs.  Over time this can lead to inflammation and scarring of the lungs which commonly presents itself in the form of shortage of breath, persistent cough, wheezing, chest pains and/or weight loss.

Despite living abroad former workers exposed to asbestos in the UK retain a legal right to bring a compensation claim against their former employers if they are subsequently diagnosed with an asbestos related illness which might include mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural thickening, pleural effusions or pleural plaques.

Our Lawyers have experience in dealing with expatriates living in all parts of the world and we understand many of the issues and concerns you face dealing with medical investigations and/or a confirmed asbestos-related diagnosis.

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related illness, are undergoing medical investigations or have concerns regarding your health arising from asbestos exposure please call us today on FREEPHONE 0808 164 7740 or email to, info@scottishasbestoshelpline.co.uk or complete our enquiry form and we will contact you later.

Compensation is recovered from the insurers of those former employers so please do not delay if the company concerned is no longer trading.  We are experienced in tracing and identifying insurers.

We would urge any expatriate with health concerns to discuss these issues with their GP and/or health advisors who will be best placed to advise what if any investigations need to be undertaken.  If you have to hand any medical reports, letters or other correspondence dealing with any of these issues please mention this.


State Benefits for Expatriates

As indicated above, former UK workers retain their legal rights to recover compensation for asbestos related illnesses which extend to their right to seek Government Benefits. See our information regarding state benefits.  Contact us today for help in claiming benefits and/or civil compensation on FREEPHONE 0808 164 7740 or speak to us via our LIVE CHAT. Alternatively, you might wish to email us at info@scottishasbestoshelpline.co.uk.

Your solicitors can deal with your enquiry even if you were employed or exposed to asbestos in England, Ireland or Wales

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