Occupational Asthma

This is described as an adult form of asthma which is specifically caused by agents present in the workplace and includes those instances where there is an association between symptoms and work. Like other forms of asthma it involves airway inflammation and reversible airways obstruction which can present itself in the form of:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Tightness across the chest
  • Nasal irritation / congestion
  • Eye irritation

Common to all is the fact that symptoms will worsen during and after work and improve during time spent away from the workplace. Pre-existing asthma can be triggered by similar agents.

Asthma symptoms can develop by inhaling one of a variety of substances, known as ‘respiratory sensitisers’ which might include certain dusts, particularly wood dust, gases, fumes and vapours, dust from latex rubber and chemicals associated to paint spraying.  Certain occupations and industries present greater risks which might include workers in plastic, rubber and chemical industries, textile workers, farm workers and bakers.

The first step to diagnosing and treating your condition will involve a visit to your GP whereupon you are likely to be referred to see an ‘occupational respiratory specialist’.  If you are diagnosed with occupational asthma this does not mean you will have stop work, instead, your employer will be required under regulations to find you an alternative role thereby protecting you from those respiratory sensitisers, if your symptoms persist.

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